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High quality research results

1. Scientific research achievements of the company

The company focuses on the detection, treatment and prevention of metabolic diseases and early cancer. It has carried out research and development in drugs, medical devices and health care products. It has a strong ability to develop new products. It has a variety of early cancer in vitro diagnostic agents, anti-cancer health products, drugs, special medical food and other series of products with complete independent intellectual property rights Dozens of invention, design and utility model patents.

2. Incubation results

In vitro detection reagent big data platform, in vitro detection reagent artificial intelligence recognition and interpretation system.

Scope of technical consulting services

Food indicators detection, organic solvent residue detection, plant extract active ingredients detection, heavy metal detection, feed indicators detection, mycotoxin detection, vegetable oil indicators detection, pollutants and illegal additives detection, pesticide residue detection, microbial detection, all kinds of in vitro monitoring reagent detection