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    as an organic whole market segments
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  • 2020year

    Dream set sail, ready to go, looking forward to working with you win-win!

  • 2019year

    The company developed ruizao series of products (Laminarin Compound Tablet,Fucoidan Compound Tablet) and fig enzyme products, which were put on the market at the end of the same year.

  • 2018year

    The company has applied for dozens of invention, design and utility model patents and obtained authorization.

  • 2017year

    At the end of December, the first phase office, R & D and production building was settled in Longgang, and the company officially opened operation.

  • 2016year

    In the same year, the company's scientific research team was approved as an innovation and entrepreneurship team.

  • 2012year

    The R & D team of the domestic team was established and began to apply for patents related to in vitro detection reagents.

  • 2010year

    Overseas R & D team was established, and related research on in vitro detection reagents was conducted.